Jelly for a powerful erection ERECTION Oral Jelly + Exciting drops Spanish fly

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BrandCupid Labs

Take advantage of our great offers at extremely favorable prices! We offer you ERECTION Oral Jelly Jelly for men + Arousal drops Spanish fly!

What is ERECTION Oral Jelly ?

ERECTION Oral Jelly is a nutritional supplement in the form of jelly, which effectively and without any side effects fights erectile dysfunction, i.e. with the impossibility of an erection. Erectile dysfunction in men is an extremely common problem and is increasingly being talked about. The reasons can be of a different nature: psychological, stress, hormonal, physiological. Whatever they are, however, the impossibility of an erection and the unpleasant sensation during intercourse leads to low self-esteem and dissatisfaction in both partners. However, the problem is now solvable, thanks to the unique development of Makarga Oral Jelly. A completely natural product with a proven effect that quickly restores libido, improves erection, prolongs it and improves self-confidence in bed.

How does ERECTION Oral Jelly work ?

The active ingredients of ERECTION Oral Jelly help to quickly overcome the erection problem and to deal with it permanently. Its special synergistic formula has been developed in such a way that, in an absolutely harmless way, the product works flawlessly and significantly increases the quality of sex life. When taking ERECTION Oral Jelly blood flow to the corpora cavernosa of the penis increases. These are the inhibitors of the enzyme phosphodiesterase 5, or simply put, by increasing blood flow to the penis, the male penis is supplied with blood, which leads to a visible and permanent increase in erection and its retention.

When is ERECTION Oral Jelly taken ?

  • in case of erectile dysfunction - impossibility of erection
  • to maintain and prolong erection
  • to hold back ejaculation
  • to increase libido, the desire for sexual intercourse
  • to improve sexual potency

How to take ERECTION Oral Jelly ?

ERECTION Oral Jelly is taken about 30 minutes before intercourse. The recommended dose is 1 sachet that is squeezed into the mouth, it can also be taken with a little liquid. Packaging: 10 mg

What is Spanish Fly?

13px; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; padding: 6px 0px; text-align: justify;">Spanish fly is the most famous aphrodisiac in the whole world. It is available in the form of arousing drops and is suitable for both men and women. With it you and your partner will increase sexual desire and you can enjoy great sexual experiences Spanish fly arousal drops are a tried and proven aphrodisiac from ancient times that works effectively on libido in both sexes!

How does Spanish fly work?

Spanish fly is a completely natural product that does not have any side effects. It is enough to put about 10-15 drops in any liquid. The drops have no taste and smell and cannot be felt after dissolution. The only thing you will feel for sure is the increased sexual desire. Spanish Fly drops are the perfect way to increase your libido or that of your partner. In addition to the increased desire for sex, you will experience even more powerful and rocking orgasms. Improve your intimate life easily and harmlessly!

How is Spanish fly taken?

It is enough to dissolve about 10-15 drops in water, tea, coffee or other soft drink about half an hour before intercourse. Packaging: 5ml

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