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BrandJessy Summer


Lifelike beauty with large breasts (F cup)!
This life-size love doll Sofia by Jessy Summer is almost indistinguishable from a real woman! Sofia has a picture-perfect 3D face with long eyelashes and sensual lips. Her sweet dark brown eyes can be changed to seductive green with the enclosed pair of eyes. For a quick type change, her beautiful long hair can also be changed from brunette to racy black.

Her silky soft skin is made of high-quality TPE and feels absolutely realistic. The vagina, anus and mouth openings are also lifelike and completely true to life. The pubic hair is also seductively lifelike.

The long-haired beauty has a slim silhouette with curvy hips. Her voluptuous F-cup breasts are complemented with perfectly shaped nipples. Her detailed hands with bendable fingers and her feet are convincing right down to the manicured and pedicured nails.

An aluminium skeleton inside makes Sofia moveable from head to toe, but she can also stand leaning on her wonderfully long legs.

Sofia holes will be a pleasant temperature when the included heating rod is used – this makes pleasure with her even more life-like and emotional. The included cleaning pump can be used to clean her holes in an easy and convenient way.

Love doll Sofia by Jessy Summer includes a wide range of accessories:

- 1 x cleaning pump
- 1 x heating rod
- 1 x negligee
- 1 x cotton gloves
- 1 x comb
- 2 x long hair wigs (1 x brunette, 1 x black)
- 2 x pair of eyes (dark brown and green)
- 1 x pair of spare eyelashes
- General customer info
- Instructions for changing the eyes (German/English)

Height: 165 cm. Weight: 43 kg.
Measurements: Chest 98 cm, waist 59 cm, hips 85 cm.
Dress size: XS. Cup size: F. Shoe size: 34.
Insertion depth oral 13 cm, insertion depth vaginal 21 cm, insertion depth anal 22 cm.
TPE, polyester.

Supplied with separately enclosed head that screws on.
Packaging: 156 x 42 x 33 cm (49 kg).
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29.90 лв
Maстурбатор Nicole's Pussy & Ass мнения и цена с намаление от sex shop
- 31%
80.00 лв 54.99 лв
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