Mega Couple Set Wild Weekend

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If you want to diversify your weekends, make them more naughty and fun, filled with lots of emotions and sweet moments, then this naughty set is for you and your partner.

The Cupid Superior vibrator embodies the desire of the sex industry to escape from traditional forms and emphasize new designs in order to satisfy its customers even more. Using it, you can easily change the type and strength of vibration. Let's not forget that it is waterproof, which allows, in addition to its easy maintenance and use in the bathroom under the shower or in the bathtub. Suitable for stimulating the G-spot, the clitoris or the vagina - many pleasures provided by just one toy.

Anal dildo Jelly Probe surprises with an innovative and original design. It is made of silicone, extremely soft to the touch. It is extremely convenient to use. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced anal pleasures. Enjoy it in the company of your partner!

Exquisite Balls are silicone vaginal balls for thrill seekers! The secret of this sex toy is that two more balls are hidden inside the balls themselves. They are placed in the vagina and during movement (walking, dancing) a natural, tickling vibration is produced, which inevitably leads to powerful and multiple orgasms.

De Luxe Pink is a lustrous penis tip with pearl beads. Its size is universal, making it suitable for everyone. It is easily placed on an erect penis or vibrator, for which we recommend using a water-based lubricant. In addition to bringing more pleasure to your partner, the penis tip also delays ejaculation.

A set of three embossed penis rings made of elastic silicone with ribbing for greater pleasure for the partner. They are available in three different sizes. Placed on the penis, the rings maintain an erection and delay ejaculation. The rings would beg to be placed both along the length of the penis and over the testicles. They are reusable and could also be placed over a condom.

Silicone handcuffs for all lovers of bdsm games and more. If you just want to freshen up the love game, these handcuffs will do wonders. It is only necessary to put them on your partner or she on you and indulge in the unexpected caresses expected, indulge in the passion and the lustful ideas that will surely hit you.

Pocket Lady Vibe is a small vibrator that will blow you away with its powerful vibration. It has as many as 5 degrees of vibration and stimulation, which smoothly flow into each other. You can control all this with just one button, press it and let this little toy drive you crazy with passion.

Added to this whole set is an aromatic and delicious chocolate lubricant to ignite the senses and passions even more. In a package of 100 ml.

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60.00 лв 30.99 лв
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