Set of pink vaginal balls Nova Svakom

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  • Gentle and fine material, velvety feel to the touch
  • Rotating weights located inside the ball/balls
  • Convenient elastic tip for easy removal
  • Effective pelvic floor massage on 3 levels
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Waterproof

A set of pink Nova vaginal balls from Svakom are the perfect toy for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. The set includes three different types and sizes of vaginal balls - 1 single ball and 2 double vaginal balls. Thanks to the exercises with them, you can effectively tighten the vaginal muscles - they are suitable after childbirth, when the muscles of the pelvic floor are weakened, to prevent incontinence or simply to practice exercises to tighten the vaginal muscles with the aim of better and quality sex life. By reducing the diameter of the balls, the muscles have to work harder, therefore the tightening effect is better - for this reason, the vaginal balls are 3 in number, so that you can calmly go through all the stages of preparation for the actual exercises and tightening. They are very easy to insert into the vagina and are removed by means of a silicone elastic tip. Once placed, the weights that are placed inside the balls create vibrations with each movement, resulting in increased muscle contractions. The balls are extremely fine and delicate, soft to the touch. Hypoallergenic and harmless to delicate areas. Waterproof.

Single Ball: Total Length: 13.5cm, Diameter: 3.6cm, Weight: 49g
Double Ball 1: Total Length: 17cm, Diameter: 3.2cm, Weight: 75g
Double Ball 2: Total Length: 16.2cm, Diameter: 2.8cm, Weight: 95g
Material: silicone with PU coating
Manufacturer: Svakom
Color: pink

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