Disinfectant hand gel 75% alcohol with aloe vera 207ml

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MyShield Hand Sanitizer Gel with 75% Ethyl Alcohol is a high-quality hand sanitizing gel enriched with Aloe Vera gel that is no-rinse and provides quick and effective cleaning care, eliminating germs, bacteria and other types of dirt. It is suitable for daily use and serves as a reliable disinfectant. The ingredients have bactericidal, including tuberculocidal, virucidal and fungicidal effects. They also provide a high level of skin disinfection without causing drying. The delicate texture of the spray is easy to apply and pleasant to use. After use, the skin is cleansed, refreshed and protected, with a pleasant fresh aroma.

Size and dosage: 207ml

How to use: Apply 3ml of the gel to clean and dry hands, rubbing vigorously for 30 seconds.

Suitable for:
• direct external use for hand disinfection

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